Can you imagine being able to actually deal with difficult situations and relationships without losing it or blaming others... or yourself?


    You know you shouldn’t get so worked up, but you don't know how to stop.


    You get upset over small things, but people just keep pushing your buttons.


    You know you shouldn’t take things personally, but you can't help feeling hurt.


    You want to just be "you," but you get nervous about what others may think of you.


    You know you shouldn't beat yourself up, but it's hard NOT to get mad at yourself when you lose control.


    You know you shouldn't blame the people in your life, but you feel they underappreciate you.

What If You Could Feel...

  • CALM

    So you can take your time and choose your responses.


    So you can respond mindfully, rather than react automatically.


    So you can know exactly what to do, in any moment, to be able handle anything.


    So you can be the hero of your stories, instead of the victim.


    So you can be the person you want to be no matter what the situation.


    So you can be kind to yourself even when you mess up and lose your temper

I'm Shira Gura.

For a long time, I too, was feeling stuck.

I’m an emotional well-being coach and I help people, like you, learn how to get unstuck so they can take control of their emotions the moment they feel them. But it wasn’t always that way. 

I will never forget how it used to feel to be stuck. In my marriage, how I dealt with my children, and even stuck with how I felt about myself.

One day, I realized that if I really wanted to feel in control, I needed a strategy that I could rely on no matter WHAT the situation.

I went in search of practical mental steps that I could use in the moment before my emotions took over. But I couldn't find any tools like that, so I set out on a mission to create my own. 

As I became emotionally equipped using my method, I noticed that every aspect of my life began to improve. I was happier, my relationships were no longer strained, I felt like I could face any challenge and know that I was going to be in control no matter what. 

That's the moment I felt “unstuck.”

As I taught others how to get unstuck, things began to change for them, too. Just as I know things in your life will change when you learn to manage your emotions, rather than let them manage you.

  • Letting yourself be triggered by the people in your life.

  • Letting yourself get stressed and overwhelmed.

  • Letting self-doubt and disbelief get in the way.

Emotionally Equipped for Life!

This is the only three-month group coaching experience that empowers you to practically get unstuck IN ANY MOMENT using my proven roadmap:


    First, learn how to handle any difficult situation in any moment.


    Then, learn how you can avoid getting stuck in the first place.


    Finally, learn how to create the life you want and live it on purpose!

Consider Me Your Personal Getting Unstuck Coach!

I will guide you to a brand new way of THINKING, FEELING, and BEING!

This powerful group coaching experience includes a three-part online training so you know how to use my tools STEP-BY-STEP, plus three months of LIVE weekly support so that you feel confident with knowing how to get unstuck and knowing how to move forward with creating the life you truly want to live!
  • Manage Your Emotions

    Instead of letting your emotions manage you.

  • Be In Control

    Instead of reacting quickly and then regretting your behavior.

  • Feel Good In Any Moment

    Instead of blaming, complaining or making excuses.

Yet, no one can get you unSTUCK, but YOU!

But, I can help. In this three-month group coaching program it will be just you, me, and a powerful group of like-minded people who are getting back in the driver's seat of their own lives!

👉🏻 Enroll today for only $197!

(and then five additional payments over the next five months)

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Here's what unSTUCK looks like!

Your tools literally have changed my life!

Nancy Lubars (Philadelphia, USA)

"You synthesized many of the skills I already knew into a simple, step-by-step fashion that works! Your tools literally have changed my life! I see little droplets of positive growth even when I screw up! I wish I had this 25 years ago."

I am getting to a better place and my loved ones are seeing it too.

Sarah Traubman (Washington, D.C., USA)

"I now have the tools to change MYSELF, and focus a lot less on changing others. I am getting to a better place, and my loved ones are seeing it too."

I am indebted to Shira for the changes she has helped bring into my life.

Jo Kaplan (The United Kingdom)

"Working with Shira has truly been life-transforming. Shira’s honesty and genuine passion for emotional healing will give you insights, tools, and strategies that are incredibly empowering. I am indebted to Shira for the changes she has helped bring into my life."

I see Shira as my partner, someone I can relate to. She is a true gem.

Kolby Morris (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

"What makes Shira such an effective coach is her willingness to be human and let people see the imperfect side of her. She isn't preaching what we should do, but demonstrates that the work may be challenging, but worth practicing and trying over and over again. I see Shira as my partner, someone I can relate to. She is a true gem."

My life looks totally different!

Jo Levitt (Israel)

After a year inside the Living Deliberately Circle, I have to tell you my life looks totally different! I have gone from trepidation to joy in my work life. I have turned the way I think about my husband on its head, and I have tools to work on improving every area of my life that I choose to focus on.
  • Feeling stuck on difficult emotions like disappointment, anger, or annoyance

  • Feeling frustrated because you haven't known where to begin to start feeling better

  • Wanting to make a change in your life, but you haven't quite known how to do that

I've designed this experience with a 3-step approach:

And, Here's How It Works!

  • STEP 1 - Get unSTUCK

    You're feeling stuck now, but you don't know how to change things. This is why we will go through the Foundations for getting Emotionally Equipped together so that you can know how to self-coach yourself out of any emotionally sticky spot you find yourself in!

  • STEP 2 - Get CLEAR

    The things that you get bothered by most in your life are likely recurring triggers. That's why it's important to get clear so that you can mentally prepare yourself for the places that tend to trigger you so you can avoid getting stuck in the first place.

  • STEP 3 - Live Deliberately

    Once you learn how to get unstuck from the moment-to-moment experiences of your life, you'll create mental space to be able to envision what you DO want in your life. And in this final step, you will learn how to go about creating the life you truly want to live.

In fact, you'll have THREE ADDITIONAL MONTHS for ongoing support and to stay a part of my community

Engage with like-minded people as you travel along your journey!

I don't want you to do this alone. This is why, in addition to three months of weekly LIVE support, I am offering three additional months FOR A TOTAL OF SIX MONTHS OF ONGOING SUPPORT inside of my private community, The Living Deliberately Circle. This is the place to be to practice getting unstuck and living deliberately! (This includes my private Facebook group and weekly LIVE gatherings on Zoom on Tuesdays at 1 PM EST.)

I've been stuck A LOT in my life.

But, each and every time, I was able to turn that situation on its head because I learned that getting unstuck is a CHOICE! And this is something you can learn, too!

In addition to the LIFETIME access of pre-recorded videos, audio files and transcripts (which you can access according to how you learn best), you'll participate in my weekly LIVE group coaching calls, you'll have the support of my warm community, and you'll acquire a powerful strategy that gets you unstuck and moving forward towards living a deliberate life!

Two opportunities to meet with me 1:1 (Value $500)

This is not like any other course!

I truly want you to feel seen. That is why you and I will meet for two powerful 30-minute coaching sessions to support you with getting unstuck from the specific places in your life where you are getting stuck.

Monthly transformational workshops! (Value over $200)

Get unSTUCK with me!

Take all of this work to a deeper level with me by attending my LIVE monthly workshops so you can practice getting unSTUCK in all different areas of your life!

The Complete Emotionally Equipped for Life Library - digital version (Value $60)

Two international award-winning books and more!

See what's possible in your life by reading: Getting unSTUCK, The CLEAR Way, and Emotionally Equipped for Life. Best of all, get unSTUCK, step-by-step, with my Emotionally Equipped for Life journal!


I am so confident with everything you will learn inside of this course, not to mention the ongoing support you will receive from my community, that "Emotionally Equipped for Life" comes with a 7-day, money-back guarantee. That’s right! If you show me your completed work from the first milestone, you attend the live group session and you met with me 1:1, and you still believe this course will not teach you how to better handle the emotional situations in your life, I’ll refund ALL your money. Yep, not only is this program a great value, it’s RISK-FREE. Why would I offer this? Because I KNOW that everything in this course works. It worked for me, and I am confident it will work for you, too!
  • Lifetime Skills

    Acquire lifetime skills so you can self-coach yourself unstuck in any moment, no matter what!

  • Ongoing Support

    Join a global community of people who are practicing to live their lives deliberately right alongside you.

  • A Powerful Journal

    Set yourself up for success each and every day with the journal that prompts you to get unstuck step-by-step.

  • What is "Emotionally Equipped for Life"?

    "Emotionally Equipped for Life" is a 5-module online course (plus SIX months of support!) that empowers you with dependable tools to be able to feel calm and in control in any moment. Consider me your person "Getting Unstuck" coach! Each week I share with you videos, audios, workbooks and so much more. I take out all the guesswork to make getting unstuck practice simple and practical. You can take me with you wherever you go. And you can connect with my warm and supportive community of like-minded people who are going on this journey alongside you in our private Facebook group and weekly gatherings!

  • Is "Emotionally Equipped for Life" for me?

    A: If you struggle with your emotions and you feel like your emotions are hijacking your life, "Emotionally Equipped for Life" will provide you the structure and guidance to know exactly what to do when you feel emotionally stuck. Plus, you'll have me and my wonderful community as your emotional support system. "Emotionally Equipped for Life" is for anyone who is ready to make a transformation and wants to start living the life they truly want to live - whether you've stepped your toes into self-development work for years or you are brand new to this path.

  • How is "Emotionally Equipped for Life" delivered?

    A: All of the lessons, videos, audios, workbooks, and more are inside the course portal. You can access the course from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And to make sure you stay on track, I will email you every week for five weeks to check in with you and see how you are doing! Plus, you are invited to join my private Facebook community to ask questions, request coaching, and be held accountable to do the work!

  • When can I start to expect to see results?

    As soon as you start to apply the skills and tools to your life (which you'll learn already in the first milestone), you can expect to see results! The truth is, the more you practice, the more results you will see. Like anything, the tools work when you use them. Keep in mind, this is a lifetime practice. I started learning this work in my 40's (even though I never did anything like this work in the past!) and I intend to continue implementing the tools into my life for as long as I live, as it is these tools that are helping me live my best life!

  • What happens if I get stuck along the way?

    I want you to feel as supported as possible as you work your way through the course. There are several ways to access support, you can: 1) submit a question to me 24/7, 2) request coaching during the weekly gathering, 3) post your question to the community inside of the private Facebook group, and 4) arrange private 1:1 coaching with me (for an additional fee). And don't forget, you get lifetime access to the course! That means, you can go back to any lesson, any video, and workbook - at any time- for life!

  • Is this course for me if I've never done any kind of work like this before?

    Yes! "Emotionally Equipped for Life" is for anyone who already has or wants to improve their emotional health and well-being. All you need is an open mind, a desire to learn, and a readiness to practice. The tools you learn inside this course take the best of the best modalities used in coaching and psychology and turn them into simple and practical tools that you can't find anywhere else. This course is broken down into bite-size pieces so I make it easy for you to consume, especially if this is the first time you are dipping your toes into this kind of work.

  • I'm familiar with your books and podcast. Will this course offer me anything additional?

    Yes, absolutely! First and foremost you will get direct access to me as you go on this journey! Secondly, this course will take what you have read in my books or heard on my podcast to an entirely new level, so that you truly are being deliberate in creating the life you want to live. Finally, being part of a like-minded group of people is invaluable, and you certainly don't get that just by listening to my podcast on your own. This course is an entirely different experience!

  • Do you offer discounts?

    No. The cost of this course is LESS than a cup of coffee and danish a day for 6 months! The people who enroll in this course are committed to making changes in their lives and when they stop to think about it, they recognize they can't afford NOT to enroll in this course.

  • Do you offer a refund?

    Yes. I want you to be happy with this course! If for some reason you are not satisfied, you have 7 days to reach out and explain how you believe this course will not deliver on its promise to get you Emotionally Equipped. To receive the refund, you will need to provide evidence of completeing the work for Milestone 1, in addition to having attended the live session and meeting with me 1:1. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the core training or to the private Facebook group.

Get started today on the most important journey of your life for only $197!

(and then five additional payments over the next five months)

Or, pay in full and save almost $50!

Getting Emotionally Equipped for Life has literally transformed my life!

More than anything, I want to share all of this with you. If you find yourself getting hijacked by your emotions, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life can look like when you learn how to get unstuck! You deserve nothing less!